Mgr. art. Gábor Szűcs

contact :
info [at] gaborszucs.com

2010 – 2017
Academy of fine arts and design, Bratislava, Slovakia
Painting – In the 4. studio of prof. Ivan Csudai
2005 – 2009
Associated high school of scenic art - Animation department, Bratislava, Slovakia

3rd prize in Live video mapping - Live Performers Meeting - LPM Rome, Italy
3rd prize in Live video mapping - Live Performers Meeting - LPM Amsterdam, Netherlands
1st prize of FreshArt8 competition Debrecen, Hungary
3rd prize in VJing - Signal festival Prague, Czech Republic
Finalist in Art Vision VJing, Moscow, Russia

Solo exhibitions:

Butterfly effect - Crown, Šamorín, Slovakia 2021
Above the clouds - NFG, Dunajská Streda, Slovakia 2020
Wormhole - Mozi, Šamorín, Slovakia 2020
Organic moments - Tallós Prohászka István Gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia 2019
Membrane - Crown, Šamorín, Slovakia 2019
Chronophobia - Crown, Šamorín, Slovakia 2018
Irregular Notch - Pistoryho palác, Bratislava, Slovakia 2018
Gap - Banská Stiavnica, Slovakia 2017
Hue Anatomy - Gallery DMK, Debrecen, Hungary 2017
Paintings - Gallery of Július Barta, Štúrovo, Slovakia 2017
Synthetic paradise - Tallós Prohászka István Gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia 2016
Presentation at Axioma cafe and Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia 2016
Beat em’ up – MiniArt Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia 2014
Results may vary – Tallós Prohászka István Gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia  2013 
Angle – Klub umelcov, Bratislava, Slovakia 2012
Amiability – Musikschule, Wieselburg, Austria 2011
This is what I wanted – Harmony gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia 2011
Maestro – Aupark, Bratislava, Slovakia 2011
Starting point – Tallós Prohászka István Gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia 2010

Collective exhibitions:

Punto y raya - abstract art in motion, Vienna, Austria 2021
Elmozdulás - collective, Limes gallery, Komárno, Slovakia 2021
Sérum light festival - collective exhibition, Tallós Prohászka István Gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia 2021
Flánerie - collective exhibition, Gallery Azur Madrid, Spain 2021
New wave - T.O.P. auto premium gallery - Bratislava, Slovakia 2021
Borderless art - collective exhibition, Synagogue, Tata, Hungary 2020
Borderless art - collective exhibition, Limes gallery, Komárno, Slovakia 2020

Borderless art - collective exhibition, City museum, Senta, Serbia 2020

Next Generation - collective exhibition, Sans Souci, Prague, Czech republic 2020

Borderless art - collective exhibition, Subotica contemporary gallery, Subotica, Serbia 2020
LitFest - collective exhibition, Kulturpark, Košice, Slovakia 2019
Ausstellung Literatur & Musik Im Spätherbst - collective exhibition, Marktschloss, Wieselburg, Austria 2019
Entrée V4 - Hybridart space, Budapest, HungaryEntrée V4 - Galerie Vestredu, Plzeň, Czech republic 2019
Entrée V4 - Nick Art & Design Gallery, Pécs, Hungary 2019
Entrée V4 - Rovás Gallery, Košice, Slovakia 2019
Entrée V4 - Artery Prague Gallery, Prague, Czech republic 2019
Entrée V4 - Rómer Flóris Art and historical Museum Esterházy palace, Győr, Hungary 2019
Selection of Fecsó Pál association - Művészetek háza, Miskolc, Hungary 2018
Expo art - Asociata artistica, Campia Muresana, Galeria de arta a Consilului Judetean, Harghita, Romania 2018
Selection of Art camp - Madaras, Romania 2018
Young Slovak Contemporary - Austellungbrücke, Landhausplatz. Regierungsviertel, St. Pölten, Austria 2018
LitFest - Moldova nad Bodvou, Košice, Slovakia 2018
Winter salon - NFG, Dunajská Streda, Slovakia 2018
LitFest - Rovás Gallery, Košice, Slovakia 2018
Entrée V4 - Museum of Hungarian culture in Slovakia, Bratislava, Slovakia 2018
Entrée V4 - Cultural center of the Embassy of Hungary, Balassi institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2018
Entrée V4 - Balassi institute, Warsaw 2018
Triple Impact - Gallery of Michal Černušák, Bratislava, Slovakia 2017
Formen der wirklichkeit - Featuring Kaisersteinbruch, Romanisches Kulturinstitut in Wien, Austria 2017
International fall exhibition at MoRA, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA 2017
Shaping reality - Featuring Kaisersteinbruch, Kaisersteinbruch, Austria 2017
Bratislava pro Wratislavia / Wratislavia pro Bratislava - Miejskiej Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland 2017
Hledání hraníc - PRFR Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia 2017 
Glitch art is Dead - Gammut gallery, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 2017
Abstract mind - International exhibition of abstract art - CICA Museum, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 2017
The Exploratorium - San Francisco - CA, USA 2016
Teesside University - Animex festival, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom 2016
Moody Center for the Arts - Houston, TX, USA 2016
ACMI - Miejskie Centrum Kultury, Bydgoszcz, Poland 2016
Barbican Centre - London International Animation Festival, London, United Kingdom 2016
Glitch expo - FuBar, Zagreb, Croatia 2016
Punto y Raya - Karlsruhe, Germany 2016
Go for art - Gallery u Prstenu, Prague, Czech Republic 2016
Mosaik - DOX, Prague, Czech Republic 2016
Cavo Fest - Trani, Italy 2016
Reconsolidation - Comfort Station Logan Square — Chicago, IL 2016
Fresh Art8 - selection group exhibition - Bástya gallery, Košice, Slovakia 2016
Fresh Art8 - selection group exhibition, Stuttgart, Germany 2016
FreshArt8 - finalists, debreceni művelődési központ, Debrecen, Hungary 2016
Fiktive Option - Tallós Prohászka István Gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia 2016
Collective exhibition - Turna nad Bodvou, Slovakia 2015
Collective exhibition - Plavecký štvrtok, Slovakia 2015
Illiteráció - Electree, - Tallós Prohászka István Gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia 2014
Galéria presents – Gallery Dunaj, Bratislava, Slovakia 2013
Group exhibition - Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania 2012
Group exhibition - Expo mall, Targu Mures, Romania 2012
Expozitia Taberei de Creatie de la Madaras XI - Madaras, Romania 2012
Expozitia Taberei de Creatie de la Madaras X - Madaras, Romania 2011
Group exhibition - Targu Mures, Romania 2011
Recycling – At home gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia 2010
Návraty – ZUŠ, Šamorín, Slovakia 2009


XX. Creative Camp - Madaras, Romania 2018
Featuring Kaisersteinbruch, Kaisersteinbruch, Austria 2017
VJ Sympozium - Košice, Slovakia 2016
VJ Land - Loket, Czech republic 2016
Agora workshop - Vienna, Austria 2016
Art Camp of Fecsó Pál - Turna nad Bodvou, Slovakia 2016
Agora workshop - Vienna, Austria 2015
Touches - Plavecky Stvrtok, Slovakia 2015
Light workshop - Turna nad Bodvou, Slovakia 2015
Electree Workshop II. Šamorín, Slovakia 2014
Electree Workshop I. Šamorín, Slovakia  2013
Agora workshop - Vienna, Austria 2012
Street art as a tool for social messages - Pilsētnieki, Latvia 2012
XI.Creative Camp - Madaras, Romania 2012
X.Creative Camp - Madaras, Romania 2011
Recycling – with Liliane Csuka, At home gallery, Šamorín, Slovakia 2010
Workshop with G. Gurevich for students ZUŠ, Šamorín, Slovakia 2010
Scholarship at studio of G. Gurevich New Jersey, USA 2010


At first glance, my paintings are abstract compositions referring marginally to a landscape, perhaps a space landscape, or a landscape behind a window where raindrops have precipitated and do not allow us to follow it well. In the form of cuts, they leave the format and through their raster we try to look for something behind the painting. Their formal way of painting disturbs the viewer by blurring, drinking or draining the paint and prevents him from easily grasping the subject. I am looking for a digital image of the landscape in the painting, a landscape free from man, perhaps even an artificial world. By looking for a pre-image of the painting in digital space, I depersonalize myself from the image itself, which further confirms the avoidance of the brush. Pouring paint or spreading with cardboard gives a lot of space to chance. Sometimes, after the painting is over, there are suddenly real elements, faces or figures hidden in the abstract structure in the painting. The painting itself serves to cleanse the mind of the deposits of everyday hustle and bustle. Alone in the studio, mostly at night, I may find myself in a kind of meditative position, in which I sometimes create quiet monochrome areas of undiscovered worlds, sometimes a strange tangle of unknown spaces. In my animations, I mostly operate with non-figurative, abstract elements. I like big contrasts and significant fluctuations. It's not just about textures in every case. Sequences may contain some kind of narrative representation in parts, in fragments. I also like mistakes and nonsense or open interpretations in painting. In my animations I explore abstract landscapes, roots, microworlds accompanied by mysterious sounds. I like to experiment with analog video techniques but also with digital technology. I am fascinated by current software, from which I draw inspiration, ideas for the painting part of my work. Gábor Szűcs